We understand the unique challenges that children face and the importance of their emotional well-being. Our team of dedicated and compassionate counselors specializes in providing support and guidance specifically tailored to children. With extensive experience in child psychology and a warm approach, we create a safe space where children can express themselves freely. Our counselors utilize evidence-based techniques and play therapy to help children navigate through various issues, such as anxiety, trauma, bullying, or family dynamics. We believe in the power of building strong therapeutic relationships with our young clients, allowing them to develop coping skills, resilience, and a positive self-image. Rest assured, our counseling team is committed to empowering children to overcome challenges, fostering their emotional growth, and helping them thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Built God Tough: Built On A Firm Foundation

Empowering stories of strength, resilience, and perseverance through God’s sufficient love and grace.
29 women share real-life experiences of situations that should have left them broken. Instead, God empowered them with supernatural strength to build them up in their weakest and most vulnerable moments.

Featuring Co-Authors:

Paula T. Anders
Lakesha Ballard
Keyonna Brinkley
Crystal Brinson
Dorothea Cephas
Monique Dames
Crystal Drayton
Gwen Edwards
Jeanne Elliott
Roniesha Fosque
Mia Foster
Tara Gilead-Johnson
Gemika Moore-Powell
Tocarra Derrickson

Takiyah S. Turner-Barney
Carolyn Harris
Landes Hubbard
Shashawna Johnson
Tonya Johnson
Myisha Johnson
Capri Lee
Rahnice Parker
Jennifer Penick
Alishia Potter
Antoinette Redji
Myeisha Scofield
Brandi Nichole Wallace

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